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The ultimate pervert

devil-drawing If only he were so cute.

My son prayed in tongues a few weeks ago, and it nearly scared me to death. Not because the act itself was surprising (though it was) or because I thought he was possessed by some evil spirit (he’s not), but because I realized how easily that gift could be twisted for evil purposes and that read more …


Ranking the children’s toys I have stepped on today

With four small children, my home is essentially a giant booby trap. Here’s what has caused me foot pain and/or grief today, ranked from mildly awful to “Good lord, why do we even have this?”


My son is a thief and a liar and that’s OK

It was 5:18 a.m. and the sun was just creeping in through my bedroom window as I pried my eyes open against the call of more sleep. Everything is fuzzy in those first few moments before I have my glasses on, but I have a clear focal distance of about four inches, and that’s exactly read more …


No pants: A partial list of arguments I’ve lost

A partial list of the reasons my children have given for not wearing pants and the irrefutable logic they’ve used to shoot down my rebuttals.


Who is the YCD?

I look like this most of the time.

I’m a father of four kids under the age of 5, husband to my greatest blessing, and a reborn-a-couple-of-times Christian. Professionally I'm an editor, writer, and creative consultant, but my real job is trying to be a better husband and father. I started YCD because fatherhood is really damn hard, and we don’t talk about that enough. Let's change that.

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