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Starving artists seek generous benefactors

You don’t know these artists. Truth is I don’t know most of them yet, either. Who are they? They’re the writers who will be published in the first issue of Greater Sum. 


The ultimate pervert

devil-drawing If only he were so cute.

My son prayed in tongues a few weeks ago, and it nearly scared me to death. Not because the act itself was surprising (though it was) or because I thought he was possessed by some evil spirit (he’s not), but because I realized how easily that gift could be twisted for evil purposes and that read more …


Why I’m ready to quit Christian radio

I have mixed feelings about Christian music. On the one hand, I’m lazy and it’s nice that I don’t have to spend much energy interpreting the music or lyrics; they’re typically pretty plain, the leftovers from last year’s mainstream pop coated in the faux cheeriness and platitudes of a new youth pastor.


Who is the YCD?

I look like this most of the time.

I’m a father of four kids under the age of 5, husband to my greatest blessing, and a reborn-a-couple-of-times Christian. Professionally I'm an editor, writer, and creative consultant, but my real job is trying to be a better husband and father. I started YCD because fatherhood is really damn hard, and we don’t talk about that enough. Let's change that.

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