A brief note on turning 50

star-trek-trading-cards Somewhere in my parents' garage is a complete set of these. (image from picclick.ca)

Not me. But this week, as you ought to know, is the 50th anniversary of the first airing of Star Trek.

It may sound a little weird, but few things or people have had a grander effect on me than that show—specifically The Next Generation series, which I remember watching in syndication at 4 p.m. during our last couple of years living in Pullman, when I was about 9 or 10 years old. I remember being frustrated when every so often there’d be some kind of after-school educational special instead of TNG. I remember watching the best-of special hosted by Jonathan Frakes leading up to the showing of the series finale (and I remember my brother and I videotaping it on VHS for repeated later viewings). I remember molding all my other childhood playings after Star Trek: I built Trek-themed Legos, I went as a Trek character for Halloween multiple times, I doodled Trek ships. (more…)


Pack mentality

kids-pointing Who says we're directionless?

(A version of this story first appeared in the fall 2016 issue of Walla Walla Family Forum.)

Recently I was at the park with my kids and struck up a conversation with a stranger. (Way to set an example, Dad!) The subject: Stranger’s four-seat stroller. (more…)


Rock out, baby: A how-to guide for infants at concerts

canvas-conference-stage Serious theological and academic discussion happened here. Really!


Young Christian Mom and I spent a few days in Portland to attend the first Canvas Conference. The conference was put on by Humble Beast and Western Seminary, and I think most people walking away from it would call it a success. (more…)


Ranking the children’s toys I have stepped on today

With four small children, my home is essentially a giant booby trap. Here’s what has caused me foot pain and/or grief today, ranked from mildly awful to “Good lord, why do we even have this?” (more…)


Who is the YCD?

I look like this most of the time.

I’m a father of four kids under the age of 5, husband to my greatest blessing, and a reborn-a-couple-of-times Christian. Professionally I'm an editor, writer, and creative consultant, but my real job is trying to be a better husband and father. I started YCD because fatherhood is really damn hard, and we don’t talk about that enough. Let's change that.

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